Center for Professional Learning

The Center for Professional Learning (CPL) at Gateways is the one-stop shop for making real the dream of opening up the gates of Jewish education to all. We partner with Jewish educators, administrators and parents to deepen their knowledge and hone their skills to reach a diversity of learners. The CPL offers in-person consultation and coaching, workshops, and webinars with Gateways experts, along with curriculum units and online community platforms, resources and tools for school leaders, teachers and families. 

Gateways is a Commonwealth of Massachusetts Certified Provider of Professional Development Points (PDPs) that educators may apply toward their state teacher re-certification.

Our Menu of Support

We partner with you in many areas, including:

Whole-school Change – Guiding school teams through the process of planning, implementing and refining effective instructional and organizational schoolwide strategies aimed at inclusion. 

Differentiated Instruction – Providing educators the tools and methods to build curricula and lessons that align to different students’ needs in content, process, and product.

Social Thinking© Through a Jewish Lens – Collaborating with educators and families to strengthen children’s ability to interact socially by adapting the highly-regarded Social Thinking © program to Jewish settings.

Growth Mindset – Training educators, parents and students how to adopt an approach to learning that values growth and the ability to change by focusing on use of appropriate language and ways of understanding and measuring progress.

Response to Intervention – Teaching Jewish day schools to embed the proven practice of systematically assessing student comprehension in order to target support and elevate instructional quality for all.

Behavioral Strategies and Supports – Creating and implementing strategies that apply a behavior analytic lens to increase the likelihood of student success in school settings.

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