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Bat Mitzvah Service Vocabulary Sheet

This Bat Mitzvah vocabulary sheet features short and clear explanations of some Bat Mitzvah basics: mitzvah, kippah/yamulka, tallit, bimah, ark, and many more. This particular vocabulary sheet was created for...

How to Put on a Tallit (Visual Instructions)

Step-by-step visual instructions remind students of the process for putting on a tallit.  Written words acoompanied by photographs make this a useful and accessible tool to a wide range of learners....

The First Bat Mitzvah in America

Read the story of Judith Kaplan, the first woman to have a Bat-Mitzvah in America! This story emphasizes themes of bravery and pride.  It also highlights the differences between the first Bat-Mitzvah and...
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The First Bat Mitzvah in America Worksheet

This reading comprehension packet accompanies our story of the first Bat-Mitzvah in America.  Students are prompted to review the main points of the story through illustrated multiple-choice questions.  This...
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Color Match Bat Mitzvah Girls File Folder Activity

A file folder activity just for girls! Match the Bat-Mitzvah girls based on the colors of their clothes, tallitot, and kippot! This activity is important because it exposes students to images of girls wearing...

People Wear Special Clothes to Temple

On most days, a girl might choose to wear pants and sneakers or other casual clothes.  But when she goes to temple- especially on her Bat Mitzvah day- a girl must dress differently than she does every other...

How Do You Feel About Your Bat-Mitzvah?

Having a Bat-Mitzvah brings up many different emotions.  While some girls are filled with excitement, others may feel scared or frustrated.  This worksheet will help girls to identify and communicate the...

A Leap of Faith

By Susan Flynn, Associate Editor, Boston Parents Paper , March 5, 2012
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Arranging and Managing Successful Playdates

By Sherry Grossman, Director, Consultation and Coaching, Gateways , April 5, 2017


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Sweet Sounds 2011

of applause. These specialists and therapists work with us in over 12 different Jewish day schools. They work with us at: Bais Yaakov High School for Girls Cohen Hillel Academy Gann Academy Jewish Community Day School Kehilla Schechter Academy Maimonides School Metrowest Jewish Day School New Englan

Bar & Bat Mitzvah Preparation

ports, guides for writing a D'var Torah, sample bar/bat mitzvah service program guide and vocabulary sheet, and a set of materials developed just for girls preparing for their Bat Mitzvah. We welcome your feedback.Prayers and Blessings with Visual SupportsPrayers with visual supports were created to

Our Daughters, Our Future: An Educational Series

ys In the NewsGateways Blog var _ctct_m = "142df8fef14b4c0c53f4f05b3febd818"; Our Daughters, Our Future: An Educational Series Exploring Girls’ Mental Health and WellnessIn response to skyrocketing rates of mental health challenges facing girls and young women in the Jewish community.