Teen Volunteer Programs

three teen girls in volunteer t-shirts, with application information text

 Apply for the 2021-2022 Teen Volunteer Program here!

"I have loved volunteering with Gateways these past three years. Applying to become a volunteer was the best decision I ever made. It has been a truly fulfilling volunteer experience. I highly suggest that any Jewish teen currently in grades 9–11 apply to this program. Thank you, Gateways, for opening up the gates to my future and guiding me along this path!"   – Shoshana, Volunteer

"Volunteering at Gateways has completely changed my life. I look forward every Sunday to getting to work with the students, and Gateways has helped me discover that I want to pursue a career in working with children who have special needs." - Gateways Teen Volunteer

Teen Volunteers in the Gateways Sunday Program

Gateways Teen VolunteersIf you are a Boston area teen in grades 10 - 12, you can volunteer to support students in the Gateways Sunday Program as a one-to-one aide or classroom assistant.

Throughout your volunteer experience, you'll receive weekly training and support from on-site special education teachers and administrators. You'll learn special education strategies that support student learning, including the fundamentals of Applied Behavior Analysis, Structured Teaching and Social Stories. Teen volunteers also receive on-the-job support from the classroom teacher, Volunteer Coordinator and Program Director. These experienced staff members guide volunteers in helping students achieve their greatest success. 

"Over the past three years, I have looked forward to Sundays because I have Gateways. I love every minute I spend there, and I always learn new things." - Teen Volunteer

For more information, watch our volunteer video featuring current and past volunteers, or  visit our Jewish Education Programs link.

Questions? Please contact our Teen Volunteer Coordinator, Mia Hyman, at 617-630-9010, ext. 120.