Financial Information for Families

All billing and financial aid for day school services is managed through the student’s day school.  Click here to view a list of schools where Gateways provides services.

A generous grant from the Ruderman Family Foundation, combined with Gateways’ ongoing commitment to fundraise for financial aid, makes funds available to schools to offer financial assistance to qualified families. Qualified families are those with demonstrated financial needs who access Gateways services for their children with documented disabilities and special needs.

Each school determines the details of billing and financial aid for its own population. As always, Gateways and the school work in partnership to determine and communicate recommendations for meeting a child’s specific learning needs.

If you have questions about whom to contact at your day school to learn more about Gateways' services and fees, please contact Sharon Goldstein, Director of Day School Programs, at or 617-630-9010 ext. 106.