Day School Initiatives

The B'Yadenu Project

Teachers Learning TogetherB’Yadenu— Hebrew for “In Our Hands”— is a whole school approach to improving access and student outcomes, with a particular focus on embedding the practices and structures that meet the needs of students with varied learning styles and abilities. B’Yadenu emphasizes coordinated and strategic professional development as the engine to drive improvement for the entire student body. By ensuring a good education for atypical learners, schools ensure good education for all learners.

To help day schools in their quest to better serve all students, Gateways: Access to Jewish Education and Boston’s Combined Jewish Philanthropies, with funding from the Jim Joseph Foundation and the Ruderman Family Foundation, have partnered to pioneer the B’Yadenu project.

Learn more about B'Yadenu here.

Response to Intervention (RTI)

In partnership with Ruderman Family FoundationRTI is a systematic process that helps schools ensure that all students are achieving grade level skills. Educators use the RTI process to monitor learning and provide appropriate interventions. Gateways offers training and facilitation for the RTI process for teachers in grades one and higher.

Funded by the Ruderman Family Foundation

In partnership with Ruderman Family Foundation






Ambassadors for Inclusion

Ambassadors for Inclusion (AFI) is a program for students in kindergarten through grade 12 that educates children about special needs and difference. AFI provides students in Jewish educational settings, including day schools and congregational schools, with the tools, information and resources they need to foster and thrive in an inclusive Jewish community. Learn more here.

Understanding Our Differences: The Leader in Disability Awareness Education Funded by the Ruderman Family Foundation in partnership with Understanding our Differences©.

Understanding Our Differences: The Leader in Disability Awareness Education     Understanding Our Differences: The Leader in Disability Awareness Education

Social Thinking® in Jewish Day Schools

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Social Thinking© is what we do throughout the day as we navigate all social interactions. It is our awareness that what we do and say impacts the people around us and how they act and respond to us. The language of Social Thinking© benefits all students. Gateways coaches teachers on the use of Social Thinking© in classrooms and offers Social Thinking© groups for students.

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