<![CDATA[Gateways Blog]]> <![CDATA[INclusion]]> After three years on the Navajo nation and Passovers with the seven other Jewish people we could find there, we were excited to connect with the Jewish community in New Hampshire after we moved back East. One year later, we delivered a boy with special needs. Would there be a place for him? Would he find a Jewish identity? Could the schools and temple be inclusive? There were no Hebrew educational options for our son, Holden, and he didn’t enjoy time at the temple. He often signed “all done” and...]]> <![CDATA[Reading as the Gateway(s) to Learning]]> <![CDATA[MaDYK Assessment of Hebrew Reading: The Importance of Progress Monitoring ]]> 2018 Kids Count Databook report from the Annie E. Casey Foundation, only 35% of students in the United States read English at proficient levels by the end of third grade. This low rate of literacy is alarming, as reading is critical for learning and is a predictor of significant social, emotional and behavioral challenges. For the Jewish community, it should be equally, if not more, distressing that only 42% of day school students are reading Hebrew at or above benchmark levels by the...]]> <![CDATA[Literacy as the Bedrock of All Learning]]> <![CDATA[A Day School Tackles the Challenge of Literacy]]>