Mission and Vision


Gateways provides high quality special education services, expertise and support to enable students with  diverse learning needs to succeed in Jewish educational settings and participate meaningfully in Jewish life.


Every Jewish student, regardless of ability, will have access to quality Jewish education and the opportunity to participate meaningfully in Jewish life. 


Values image accessible text:

[PECS symbol of a circle of children of different genders, ethnicities, and abilities]
Inclusion— We welcome people of all backgrounds and abilities, and promote understanding and empathy.

[PECS symbol of a blue prize ribbon]
Quality—We deliver expertise, services and support that are innovative and reflect current best practices in our field.

[PECS symbol of a child with assistive equipment raising a hand]
Empowerment—We provide our students with the knowledge and skills they need to be full participants in the Jewish community.

[PECS symbol of hands shaking, one light brown, one peach]
Respect—We presume the competence of everyone we encounter.

[PECS symbol of a Torah]
Integrity—We embody the honesty and ethics that are at the heart of Jewish values.

[PECS symbol of a circle of people of different ages, genders, ethnicities, and abilities]
Collaboration—We work closely with likeminded partners to ensure that there is a place for every Jewish child in the Jewish community.

[PECS symbol of people cheering proudly, smiling, with both hands up]
Passion—We approach our work with enthusiasm, fun, creativity ‒ and pride.