Logo and Theme

Square Gateways LogoA New Logo for our Next Chapter

Resilience and reciprocity. Passion and compassion. Insight and innovation. Inclusion born of empathy and mutual respect.

We launch our future with a powerful symbol that evokes all that Gateways is and aspires to be.

Vibrant, intertwining ribbons swirl and intersect like the lives of our students, teachers, families and all who support our mission. New colors and shapes emerge in a dynamic burst of possibility.

A star forms, representing the timeless Jewish values that sustain us and fuel our commitment to empower every member of our community to create, enrich and enjoy the meaningful Jewish life we all share.

Within the star, there is an open eye, which evokes the unique way that everyone sees the world, the clarity with which we perceive the essence of every individual and the pursuit of new knowledge that drives us.

At the center of the star there is a heart, honoring the love and friendship that embrace us on our way.

Jeremiah Klarman's "Open the Gates"

Gateways is honored to share an original recording of Jeremiah Klarman's soaring 2016 classical musical composition, "Open the Gates," written for Gateways' 2016 Sweet Sounds event. The piece includes seven variations on the themes of diversity, inclusion and transformation. Listen here.


Jeremiah Klarman Plays

Jeremiah describes this beautiful piece and his creative process:

Open the Gates is a musical representation of Gateways’ commitment to diversity, inclusion and transformation. The piece utilizes each of these three elements. I wrote the piece using the theme-and-variation form, because of its metaphorical significance. The theme represents the core of the work; similar to the core mission of Gateways, it’s simple, concise and inviting. The variations that follow can each be thought of as an individual “gate.”

Perhaps coincidentally, the imagery of gates is not only associated with Gateways, but also with Temple Emanuel; there are “Seven Gates into Temple Emanuel,” hence the seven variations. Each variation represents a different genre of Jewish music.

This is the diversity aspect of the piece; every variation is unique and different, much in the same way that each child who benefits from Gateways is unique and different. Yet, all of the variations are held together by the theme, which represents the aspect of inclusion. Similarly, at Gateways, every child receives a Jewish education and is welcomed into the community, regardless of learning style or capability. This is the “theme” of Gateways. Over the course of the piece, the theme becomes more expansive, and by the end is transformed into a set of celebratory dances, as the gates are opened. I envision this as symbolic of the transformation that children and families experience through the work of Gateways and how everyone is changed by benefiting from the inclusivity and diversity that Gateways offers.

© 2016 Jeremiah Klarman; used with permission of author/composer.